Saturday, April 13, 2013

60 Lbs GONE

It took nearly 9 months, but my weight loss is moving again!  I've been hovering in the 50+ lbs lost for a few months, but I'm thankful to report that today I hit that elusive -60 lb mark.

I'm loving the difference in my body, energy, strength and overall health.  I'm enjoying the benefits of healthier weight!  Smaller clothes, looking better, crossing my legs, high heels and actually enjoying working out!

Here's where what I'm doing...

I work with Bryan Beaune at Building Your Temple Training Facility in Oxford.  He gives me a customized meal plan to eat which includes whole, healthy foods in the right proportions and timing to make weight loss happen. 

In general, my meal plan consists of 5 mini meals with the first and last meals being eggs and the other 3 meals consisting of a lean protein, simple carb and veggie.  No, I can't share my specific meal plan with you, but Bryan would love to write one specifically for you taking into account your weight, activity level and favorite foods.  That's what he does for his clients and he's amazing at it!  I also get one "Whatever Meal" a week, I get to eat whatever I want but in modest portions.  It really helps keep me on track and reset my metabolism.  I take my meals with me in a small cooler everywhere I go and try an minimize eating out at restaurants.  It's a lot of work, but I've finally learned how to feed my body properly and I can live like this!

I work out 3 to 4 times a week.  Bryan opened a CrossFit facility in Oxford and I go there 2 to 3 times a week for amazing workout.  I love CrossFit, who knew!  I love going in and being challenged by new activities and getting to try them with a small group of people.  BTW - if you'd like to try out CrossFit, the first class is free.  Message me and I'll meet ya there!

I have also fallen in love with Yoga.  I now do it almost every day.  I met a fabulous Yoga instructor on vacation, Isabella Jones, I went to a couple of her classes and bought her DVD.  "Yoga is the un-exercise," she says.  It really works out the pain and suffering that I give my body at CrossFit.

Finally, I am training for a 5K, but I'm holding off a few more weeks so I can run outside (I hate the treadmill!).  I'm planning to debut my newfound running "skills" at the Big Run for the One at the Big Ticket Festival, June 20th in Gaylord.  Run with me!

Weight Loss is hard, honestly one of the hardest things I've ever done!  But it's very rewarding.  I'm sticking with it til the number on the scale says "HEALTHY." 

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  1. Jenn that is amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!