Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How am I doing it?

Well thankfully I'm sticking with the weight loss plan better than I am with the blogging!  LOL.  Sorry about that!

I'm on the verge of 50 lbs lost, 47.5 to be exact.  It cracks me up because some people I've known for years don't recognize me now.  Seriously??  A lady came up to the Smile FM table and said to me, "I heard Jenn was going to be here tonight."  I said, "I am Jenn!"  She said somewhat startled, "Wow, you look a lot bigger on the radio!?!?"  Hahaha., good thing I have a sense of humor!

Since we're in a world where most of us are carrying around a few extra pounds, I get asked a lot, "HOW ARE YOU DOING IT?"

So here's the post to answer that question!

I have a Weight Loss Coach and I do what he tells me to do!  For the most part anyway.  I'm far from perfect on following the plan, but I'm doing the best I can given my crazy schedule and I'm seeing great results...and most importantly, I can live this way! 

Bryan Beaune, my weight loss coach, specializes in customized meal plans for his clients all over the country.  On my plan I get 5 to 6 mini-meals a day.  Each meal consists of a lean protein (eggs, chicken, turkey, pork, beef), a veggie and a carb such as potato, brown rice or corn tortilla. Just as important as what I'm eating is what I'm NOT eating!  That would include processed foods, extra fats such as oil or butter and anything that my body would easily turn into SUGAR.  I had no idea how much of what we eat that our bodies think is sugar!  Fruit, bread, flour, pastries, white rice, french fries, pretzels juice, diary, popcorn, chocolate...all processed the same as sugar. 

I'm on my fourth plan right now.  There is the initial "Get the junk out of your system detox plan" and then he moved me along to slightly different plans depending on how my body was responding.  Each time my weight loss would slow down or when I would whine that I needed more of a certain type of food, he'd adjust my plan to restart my weight loss.   Oh and the best part of my meal plan.....THE CHEAT MEAL.  Yes, one meal a week, I can have anything I want.  Not in unlimited quantity, but one meal of whatever I've been craving.  Trust me, I make a list during the week and save this meal for a special occasion or just for the weekend!
Bryan Beaune - Building Your Temple

My diet has done a complete 180!  We used to eat out a lot and they knew my order at the local pizza place!  I'm a pretty good cook too.  While the stuff I was making was probably healthier than eating out, not by much.  Now I'm working on making some yummy recipes with the foods on my meal plan.

I had asked Bryan what was more important to losing weight, diet or exercise?  He said he thinks its 70% what you eat and 30% exercise.  So yes, I am working out too!  But honestly, I put much more effort into making sure I follow the meal plan.  I work out with Bryan twice a week and on my own another two to three times a week.

I have gone from a BMI of 43.6 which is MORBIDLY OBESE  to a BMI of 36.6 which is still Obese, but JUST Obese.   I've lost 47.5 lbs in 17 weeks.   Trust me I won't be there for long, OVERWEIGHT and then HEALTHY WEIGHT, watch out, I'm coming for you!

So what are you waiting for??  Your turn to get healthier!  How are you going to do it??

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