Friday, July 6, 2012

Change How??

We were at the Big Ticket Festival and the Stand Strength Team was there.  Bryan Beaune, a part of the Stand team reminded me  that Ken from Anytime Fitness in Imlay City about putting together a package for our staff at Smile FM.  Bryan offered to work with me on a fitness and eating plan. 

Gyms have always intimidated me.  So many machines and except for the bike and treadmill, I have no idea what to do with them.  I've taken some classes in the past, which I've really enjoyed, but regular gym workouts, definitely something new to me.

After Big Ticket I set up a time to meet with Bryan and he explained his plan.  I was hoping it just involved working out and he wasn't going to mess with my precious pizza.  Yeah, I was wrong!  He said that he felt losing weight was 70% of eating right and 30% exercising right.  Rats!

"Oh great," I thought, "here comes some ridiculous eating plan with shakes and pre-packaged diet food!"  I was looking for any reason possible to write his idea off as another fad diet that wouldn't work for me.

Wrong again!  He laid out his plan, which he customizes for each client.  Real food, regular food, just the good stuff.  Ok, I can give this a try.

The best way to describe his eating plan is that it's 6 mini-meals a day that each have a serving of lean protein, healthy carb and vegetable. It's taken me a few days to get into the program, but I'm really loving the food.  It definitely takes some planning and pre-cooking.

 Oh and this is Bryan, my trainer.  Yes ladies he is available .... available to put together a eating and exercise plan for you too :-)  He creates a customized plan for each client based on their goals and needs.  He has clients with special dietary needs, those wanting to lose weight and even some wanting to gain weight (I know, what in the world!)  He also runs some intense boot camps and circuit training classes, which I guess I'm not ready for yet!  But I'll be there soon! 

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