Thursday, December 13, 2012

Better than Bagged - Baked Corn Tortilla Chips!

One of the few carbs I'm allowed on my eating plan is corn tortillas.  I'm NOT allowed to have any bread (GASP - I know, how do I even survive!).  Ok, the problem is I don't like corn tortillas, they're gross and all rubbery....yuck!  But then one day I got the brilliant idea to bake them to see if they would turn into something resembling a chip??

So I got out my trusty baking sheet and using my pizza cutter (oh pizza, how I miss pizza!) and cut them into 6 wedges.

I generously spray them with non-stick cooking spray, flip, repeat on other side.  Place them on a single layer on your baking sheet.  Add favorite seasoning (try taco, garlic salt, buffalo chicken, Italian, etc).  Bake in a 400' pre-heated oven for 10 minutes.  Pull them out, flip them over and return to oven, watch and wait.  Seriously, this is important, they go from DONE to OOPS WELL DONE in a flash, so you need to watch them for a couple minutes and pull them out at the peek of lightly browned crispy perfection.  Wait too long and even your chickens won't eat them.

On my eating plan I can have these with hummus, beans or guacamole, not very many, but enough to satisfy my need for crunch!  However I encourage you to make a bunch of them they keep for several days in a plastic baggie....if your kids and spouse don't find them :(

This one of those foods I would make even if I wasn't trying to lose weight.  In fact we actually like them more than bagged tortilla chips and they're super cheap, you can get a huge stack of rubbery corn tortillas at the grocery store for $2 or less and turn them into tortilla chips in a jiffy.

Now if I could just find Doritos Nacho Cheese seasoning mix, I'd be in heaven!  Suggestions anyone?

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